“Thank you for your kindness. I truly appreciate all your help in making like a little bit brighter.”

Young Person in Care

Gifts of Securities

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Imagine every child in Canada being safe, secure, loved, educated and flourishing in a positive environment. We do.

You have the power to help us break the generational cycle of abuse and neglect that affects thousands of children and youth across Canada by donating securities. Your gift can be in the form of publicly traded securities, exchangeable securities, bonds or mutual funds. By donating publicly traded shares to Children’s Aid Foundation you pay no tax on capital gains normally associated with such a disposition. That means you will receive a tax receipt for the full value of the shares, and will not be taxed on any part of the capital gain.

Below is a chart that illustrates how you can save in capital gains taxes by donating securities directly to the Children’s Aid Foundation.

Sell stock and give proceeds to the Children’s Aid Foundation Donate stock directly to the Children’s Aid Foundation
Fair market value of stock and amount of tax receipt $25,000 $25,000
Cost base $5,000 $5,000
Capital Gain realized $20,000 $20,000
Taxable Capital Gain $10,000
(50% of gain)
Value of tax receipt for gift
(50%* of $25,000)
$12,500 $12,500
Tax due on gain (50%*x$10,000) N/A
Tax saving by making gift $7,500 $12,500

*For simplicity, we have assumed a combined Federal and Provincial tax savings and income tax rate of 50%. Please consult your professional advisor for information tailored to your own circumstances and to confirm applicable tax benefits.

How to Make a Gift of Publicly Traded Securities to the Children’s Aid Foundation

The Children’s Aid Foundation has made making a gift of securities a simple process. Instructions can be found by clicking here. The transaction can be accomplished by filling out and emailing or faxing our Donation of Securities Form. You can also contac Enza DiBenedetto at 416-923-0924 x225 or enza@cafdn.org.

Before you make a donation, we strongly encourage you to seek independent, qualified advice from your accountant, estate planner, lawyer etc., on the appropriateness of doing so.