“Education is key and the foundation has made this possible by giving me the support that I needed”.

Serin – Former Young Person in Care

Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring one of our events is a mutually beneficial partnership. It is an excellent way to contribute to the work and mission of the Children’s Aid Foundation while showcasing your company’s support for Canada’s most deserving, but disadvantaged, children and youth.

Special events account for 40% of our annual fundraising toward the programs we fund in the areas of prevention, education and enrichment. We offer tailored sponsorship opportunities for all of our events, and can work with you to maximize your impact. You can choose from title sponsorship opportunities or highly visible event vehicles such as a cocktail reception sponsor, dinner sponsor, silent auction sponsor, and many more.

Take at look at some of our sponsors in the spotlight.

Sponsorship Benefits

At a tender age, the young people we serve face great adversity as they are exposed to poverty, neglect and abuse. By investing in the Children’s Aid Foundation’s events, you invest in our nation’s most precious resource- children.

Enjoy and entertain clients and guests at our unforgettable events, from five14 Talks to the exquisite grandeur of the Children’s Aid Foundation Gala, Teddy Bear Affair.

Join our impressive group of companies and individuals who have supported Canada’s most vulnerable kids and youth by attending or sponsoring our events.

Broaden your competitive edge by enhancing your company’s brand recognition, reputation and credibility.

Your involvement will make your employees proud, your stakeholders inspired and your brand stand out for making a difference in our kids’ world and our community.

We can help you publicize your support of the Children’s Aid Foundation, enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility status with your clients and shareholders.

Contact Us

To learn more about events or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Stephanie Beakbane at 416-923-0924 x 275.

Read about upcoming events on our Calendar of Events.

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