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This year's five14 theme is Commit. Connect. We will gather together and commit to all children and youth in care. We will connect with a genuine desire to mobilize our resources and create a bridge to a future where all youth in care feel the commitment and the connection we are creating together.

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five14 Talks Event Highlights

In response to requests from young people in care to have a greater voice in shaping public perceptions, the Children’s Aid Foundation created five14 Talks to celebrate Children and Youth in Care Day and inspire change. It was an amazing event.


The 2016 event, featured an intimate 150-person capacity audience comprised of like-minded guests interested in the advancement of child welfare. The purpose of this forum moving forward is to develop new ideas and inspire change in response to the ever-changing needs of young people served by Canada’s child welfare services who battle tremendous adversity to lead meaningful lives.



It all started with a report called, My Real Life Bookfrom the Youth Leaving Care Hearings, which called for fundamental change to the existing child welfare system – an initiative that was supported by the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth to examine the challenges youth face when they “age out” of the care system.

The report also included a recommendation to declare Children and Youth in Care Day to raise awareness of the issues children and youth face, reduce stigma and recognize children and youth in the care of the province so that they are no longer invisible. May 14, 2014, marked the first Children and Youth in Care Day in Ontario following it’s officially declaration by the Province of Ontario, Bill 53 as an Act.


With the central theme of change, five speakers were given 14 minutes to present innovative ideas and inspiring stories that explore change and push the boundaries and perceptions of what is possible.

Like-minded professionals and influencers included Members of Cabinet, government and policy makers, executives from Children's Aid Societies and other child welfare organizations, former youth in care and many others.


The Children’s Aid Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Canada’s abused, neglected and abandoned children and young adults currently or formerly living in the child welfare system.

With the support of generous donors, the Foundation works with child welfare organizations across Canada to provide funding in the areas of prevention, education, enrichment, healing and recovery.

I Am I Can I Will Wall: Commitments to Change