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five14 Talks Speaker Nominations


Are you looking to share your big ideas and actions to create real change in child welfare – in our community and across the country? Even the world? The Children’s Aid Foundation is looking for speakers to be a part of five14 talks – talks to inspire change, on May 11, 2017 in Toronto.

This year’s five14 theme is Commit. Connect. We will gather together and commit to all children and youth in care. We will connect with a genuine desire to mobilize our resources and create a bridge to a future where all youth in care feel the commitment and the connection we are creating together.

Qualified speakers will be chosen based on their topic, expertise in relation to the theme, and their ability to captivate the audience as one of five 14 minute talks. Speakers will be notified in late February if successful. Learn more about five14 Talks and see past speakers

Thank you for your interest. Online nominations closed Monday, February 6 at 5:00 PM EST. Successful speakers will be notified starting in late February. Final speaker selection will be shared on the five14 Talks website in late March.

About the Children’s Aid Foundation

The Children’s Aid Foundation’s National Campaign for Child Welfare aims to raise $60 million over five years to change the lives of thousands of children and youth for the better. The Children’s Aid Foundation is Canada’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth in the child welfare system. With the support of generous corporate, foundation and individual donors, we have been helping children reach their potential against all odds since 1979. Join us and help some of the most vulnerable kids in Canada overcome traumas of the past and rebuild stability, self-worth and a sense of life’s possibilities. Learn more at

We all know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Yet every day we hear about the children and youth that we are leaving behind – those involved in child welfare.

The realities facing kids in care are front page news. We know that things need to change. It’s overwhelming to think about the barriers our young people face. Some days, we hear of stories of young people overcoming the odds and succeeding in their goals, and on these days we silently cheer for things gone right. We know that as members of society, as those in the “village” we can do more for our children and youth, who, through no fault of their own, have experienced incredible hardships in their lives. What can one person do to change the trajectory of the lives of so many in need?

One person. YOU can commit to helping by connecting the dots and being part of a solution where the hopeful statistics outpace the discouraging ones. Every person who adds their voice, their time, their love, their knowledge, their resources, sharing new thinking and commits to the movement for child welfare change for those who depend upon it for their very lives, creates more days where thriving outpaces the heartbreak.

Let’s gather together and commit to all children and youth in care. Let’s connect with a genuine desire to mobilize our resources and create a bridge to a future where all youth in care feel the commitment and the connection we are creating together: five14 Commit Connect

“I am only one person, and I cannot do everything. But just because I cannot do everything, does not mean that I will refuse to do that which I can.” Helen Keller

To learn more about five14 Talks and to see past speakers, please visit:

The Children’s Aid Foundation five14 Talks began as a simple idea: a forum designed to unite and mobilize child welfare champions to create change. This unique event harnesses the power and expertise of former youth in care, child welfare agencies and policy leaders, elected officials, academics, donors and other allies to children and youth in care. We will hear inspiring calls to action from experts with lived, front-line, program and/or public policy experience, inspiring a growing, innovative movement to improve the lives of children and youth in care – now and in the future.

The event concept was inspired by the Children’s Aid Foundation’s Young People’s Advisory Council (YPAC). YPAC is a group of accomplished young professionals and students with lived care experience. Their idea was to create and host a unique event in celebration of Ontario Children and Youth in Care Day that gives those from care and their allies a platform to shape public perceptions, engage the broader community, and inspire ground breaking ideas and viable change. With this central theme of change, five speakers are given 14 minutes each to present innovative ideas and stories that explore change and push the boundaries and perceptions of what is possible.

Q. When does the nomination process close?
A. Nominations must be submitted by Monday, February 6 at 5:00 PM EST.

Q. Can I nominate myself?
A. Yes, you can nominate yourself.

Q. Can I submit more than one nomination?
A. Yes, you can submit more than one nomination; there is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit.

Q. Can I make changes to a nomination form once I have submitted it?
A. No, nominations are final once submitted.

Q. Can I save my form and submit it later?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot save the form and submit it later, it must be submitted at one time.

Q. How many speakers will be chosen from the Community Nomination process?
A. The total number of speaker spots is 5 and will be filled at the discretion of the Children’s Aid Foundation Content Committee.

Q. Who will be reviewing the nomination forms and/or making the decision on who is selected as a speaker?
A. The Children’s Aid Foundation Content Committee will review all forms and make any speaker selections.

Q. Will the speaker be paid?
A. In efforts to keep event costs as low as possible, travel and accommodations may be covered based on the speaker’s location (outside the Greater Toronto Area). We will accept professional speakers through the Community Nomination process, however, budget is one of several criteria in consideration.

Q. Who can be a speaker?
A. Anyone with an idea for child welfare change could be a speaker. The exceptions, based on their direct connection to the organization, are Children’s Aid Foundation staff, Board of Directors, Board Subcommittees, donors and current year Young People’s Advisory Council or Youth Ambassadors.

Q. When will speakers be selected?
A. Successful speakers will be notified starting in late February. Final decisions will be made by mid-March. You can visit to see the final list of speakers.

Q. Is the event filmed?
A. Yes, five14 Talks is filmed and there will be a live webcast. All speakers will be required to sign a release permitting the Children’s Aid Foundation to film, publish images and post videos from the event for future promotion.

Q. Who are the attendees of five14 Talks?
A. Last year, the audience of five14 Talks was made up of former youth in care, child and youth serving agency partners, members of the not-for-profit community, local philanthropists, the office of the Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children & Youth, Members of Provincial Parliament and other representatives of local and provincial government.

For more information, please contact