I don’t know what compels someone to be so generous. You’ve not only changed my life, but you will have changed the lives of all those I will help in the future.

Alexandra, post-secondary scholarship recipient


HSBC National Transformation Project

The HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Project provides monetary HSBC Bank Canada Opportunity Awards, bursaries and additional supports to vulnerable young people in Canada in support of a range of specific education-related needs and resources.

If you are a youth interested in this fund please click here.

The mandate of the HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Project is to permanently transform the lives of Canada’s most vulnerable children and youth. In so doing, HSBC Bank Canada will contribute to the nation’s long-term social and economic prosperity by significantly improving rates of primary and high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment among children and youth involved with the child welfare system.

Through grants directed to 9 partner agencies across the country, the Children’s Aid Foundation will fund intensive wraparound educational support from primary school to the undergraduate level. This program also supports the total transformation of the children and youth served by creating additional access to a broad range of other resources urgently required by the population of youth we serve in order to ensure their success. This could include housing support, pre-employment training, mental and physical health supports, and more.

There are three components of the program:
We aim to ensure young people are able to graduate from high school by providing access to intensive, customized coaching, tutoring and advocacy.

Support is offered in two ways:

Post-Secondary Bursaries
This funding ensures young people are able to complete their post-secondary education at university or college by providing bursaries to offset tuition and other costs related to attending school.

Youth Opportunity Fund
This funding supports the goals and aspirations of young people who require additional assistance in their pursuit of higher education or their chosen career by covering costs associated with tutoring, equipment of supplies, career assessments, short-term courses, application fees and other programs that will help youth achieve their career / academic goals.

This funding helps students focus on their studies by providing additional supports when needed by covering housing-related costs (such as first and last month’s rent), start-up supplies, access to physical and mental health supports and other emergency funds.