Children's Aid Foundation helps vulnerable kids across Canada overcome the obstacles in life that hold them back
Take Action
“Enrichment opportunities are especially important for us because most of us experienced childhood trauma, feeling worthless with a great hope to be happy and part of a community.”

You have the power to make a difference. Take action today and help change the lives of Canada’s most vulnerable children and youth.

Your support will have an immediate and profound impact on the present well-being and future success of young people in need. Together, we can create hope where none would otherwise exist. However you choose to take action, your contribution will mean the world to the many young people whose lives will be positively impacted by your support.


How You Can Help. There are many ways you can take action today. You can:


  • Donate

    Support the programs we fund in the areas of Prevention, Education, and Enrichment.

  • Attend an event

    Contribute to the work and mission of the Children’s Aid Foundation while having an opportunity to meet and network with our strong community of supporters.

  • Support an Event

    Share your company’s commitment to improving the lives of Canada’s disadvantaged children and youth.

  • Host a Community Event

    Introduce your friends, family, and neighbours to the work of the Children’s Aid Foundation.

  • Volunteer

    Give your time at one of our events or programs.

Take action and help vulnerable kids like Yuan today