Children's Aid Foundation helps vulnerable kids across Canada overcome the obstacles in life that hold them back
“Sometimes all you need is to know someone cares in order to make it through difficult times. I hope to someday be that person for someone else.”
Louise - Young Person in Care
The Need

We believe that every Canadian child has the right to a healthy and happy upbringing.

Yet right here at home, over 235,000 children are at risk of abuse and neglect in Canada. They face a future of uncertainty and are often deprived of the support every child needs to grow and thrive.


This is unacceptable. At the Children’s Aid Foundation, we do everything we can to change the trajectory of vulnerable children’s lives. We’re there at moments of crisis, we’re there to equip them with the tools they need to succeed at school and in their communities, and we’re there to help launch them into an independent young adulthood.


Our Focus Areas

What does it take to raise a child and set them up for success? Good health, educational opportunities, a loving family, a positive network, and all of the resources they might need to explore their talents and develop their potential.

To ensure the kids we serve have access to all of the resources they need to grow and thrive, we have identified five key areas of focus for the support we provide nationwide:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Education
  • Stability and Community
  • Inclusion, Identity & Equity
  • Transition to Independence

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The Statistics

Canada’s most vulnerable children, by the number

  • Approximately 67,000 youth across Canada are living in foster care, kinship care (extended family), group care, and treatment facilities
  • Helped by Children’s Aid Foundation in 2015/2016: 23,603
  • Average number of foster home transitions for children in care: 5
  • Eligible for permanent adoption: 30,000
  • 82% of children and youth in care have been diagnosed with special needs including cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social problems
  • Higher risks for young adults who have been in care: homelessness, pregnancy at a young age, involvement with the criminal justice system, and complex health challenges


Costs of not supporting children who have been supported through the child welfare system:

  • $326,000 less lifetime income than the average Canadian
  • 10-year loss of $7.5 billion in earning
Improve the health and well-being of children and youth in care: $10 million

The campaign will fund equitable access to mental and physical health supports required to heal, thrive, and move forward with strength and resilience, including:
- vision care, dental care, prescriptions
- therapy, counselling and psychotherapy
- arts, sports and recreational programs
Together, we can open doors to a brighter future for Canada's disadvantaged young people. There can be hope, and you can be the one to give it.

Listen to Sherry, Child Welfare Supervisor at CAST

Sherry's Story from Children's Aid Foundation on Vimeo.