“I was living on the street. Without the Children’s Aid Foundation, I would have been another statistic.”

Former Young Person in Care

In-Kind Donations

In-kind giving is a donation of any non-cash good or service. As an organization dedicated to creating lasting change for vulnerable kids and youth, gifts-in-kind are important to the Children’s Aid Foundation and make a tangible contribution for children.

We accept:

  • Donations of new and surplus inventory: computers, school supplies, toys, books, hygiene products, sporting equipment, clothes and shoes,
    please contact Angela Liu at aliu@cafdn.org
  • For tickets to events, shows, museums and sporting events, please contact kumerah@torontocas.ca
    (To best utilize tickets, we would ask for a minimum of 72 hours notice before the start of an event)

You can also donate gifts in-kind to one of our high-profile events’ auctions and help raise funds that directly benefit the kids and youth we serve. Below are examples of the type of donations we accept:

  • Travel packages, luxury vehicles, or other high-end items to be sold at auctions
  • Pro-bono services such as print, public relations, or event photography

To donate gift in-kind for our events, please contact Katharine Chen at 416-923-0924 x 227 or kchen@cafdn.org