A Message From Our President & CEO

Since 1979, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada has been making a difference in the lives of children, youth, and families across Canada who have experienced or are at risk of becoming involved in the child welfare system due to abuse and neglect. Our funds support initiatives, which remove barriers and provide hope and opportunity to thousands of children and youth so that they are able to realize their potential and live happier and healthier lives.

Every year, thanks to the generosity of our donors and corporate sponsors, we are able to create programs in partnership with child welfare agencies across the country.  Our programs are providing measureable impact and improving the lives of families who are at risk, children in care, and youth who have transitioned out of the child welfare system.

Our efforts are focused on supports and resources to help build stronger, more resilient families so that fewer children and youth grow up in government care; help more children and youth living in government care graduate from high school and have the confidence to move forward in pursuit of their goals; and to empower youth “aging out” of government care with opportunities to overcome the barriers they face to education and employment, develop meaningful community connections, and achieve independence.

From prevention to education, enrichment to cultural connections, employment and personal supports, and more – Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada works to help keep families together, allow every child to just be a child, and encourage youth to pursue their interests and dreams.

As Canada’s leader in child welfare philanthropy, we work to build bridges from hopelessness to hope and from surviving to thriving, so these young people can enjoy a rich life of education, family, health, and success.

We would welcome your support.

Valerie McMurtry

Valerie McMurtry, CFRE
President & CEO, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Christina, Former youth in care

CHRISTINA, Former youth in care

“When I was living on
the streets 
and in shelters,
I knew I needed help. The
Foundation has been there
for me in all the ways that
I need; for things like working
and getting a career and
education. I’ve used that, and
I’m on my feet. If it wasn’t for
the Foundation, it would be the
same repeating cycle over
and over.”

Teddy Bear Fund