TELUS is working with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to support young people in their transition out of care in Alberta by providing free cell phone packages over a two-year period.


TELUS’ Mobility for Good™ program will provide youth with access to a TELUS cell phone plan at $0 per month, which will include unlimited across Canada talk and text and up to 3GB of monthly data usage. This service will help youth to stay in touch with friends and workers, and access important services and resources, including employment and academic opportunities. Youth who do not have a phone will have the option of receiving a smartphone from TELUS.

Young people who are, or would have been eligible for a Support and Financial Assistance Agreement in Alberta, AND who are:

  • Aged 18 to 26 at the time of application
  • Able to pay any applicable overage costs (data or additional features); youth can set up alerts to prevent incurring data overage costs
  • Willing to fill out surveys and share information with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and TELUS to help evaluate the program and measure its impact
  • Able to sign up for a new cell phone plan within 4 months of applying to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada
  • The $0 cell phone package will include a monthly phone and data plan with unlimited across Canada talk and text and up to 3GB of monthly data for 2 years. After that the price will be $35 per month (plus applicable taxes)
  • If you wish, you may purchase additional features for an added cost
  • The phone package will be registered in your name
  • The reduced-rate cell phone plan will be in effect for a two-year period
  • Complete an online application form by clicking here
  • To confirm your eligibility, you will need to submit a letter from your child welfare worker or agency confirming you were in care in Alberta. You can attach an electronic copy to your application form. If you have received a scholarship or bursary from us, we have a worker reference on file for you and a letter from your agency is not required.
  • The letter must include the following:
    1. Your legal name
    2. Your date of birthday
    3. Confirmation that you are or have been eligible for a Support and Financial Assistance Agreement in Alberta
  • If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance by email from Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada
  • Each emailed letter will include a verification code and contact information for TELUS
  • Once you receive your verification code you can call TELUS at the number provided in the welcome email or sign up online by clicking the link provided in the letter
  • Before calling TELUS or signing up online you will need to have the following information ready:
    • Your verification code found in your welcome letter
    • Driver’s License, SIN or Provincial Photo Card (any one of these will suffice)
    • Phone number and account number of any cell phone provider you are transferring from, or your existing TELUS number (if applicable)
    • Mailing address
  • Additionally, all new TELUS customers must undergo a credit check, but youth referred to TELUS through this program will be able to sign up regardless of their credit history.
  • IMPORTANT: Each individual will receive only ONE verification code during the entire lifetime of this program. Codes expire after 4 months and they cannot be replaced, so you must make sure you are ready to enrol in the program with 4 months of receiving your verification code.
How much will it cost me a month?

The plan will be provided at no cost for a period of two years. You may purchase additional features for an added cost if you wish.

What happens at the end of two years?

At the end of the two years, the price for this plan will change to $35 per month (plus applicable taxes).

Can I cancel my plan after two years, before it adjusts to $35/month?

Yes, you can cancel the rate plan at any time without extra charges. If you still have a device balance owing from the past, or outstanding overage charges, these will still be due upon cancelation.

What if I go over my monthly data allowance?

You will be charged and are responsible for paying any data overages on the plan, but you can set up text message alerts to notify you before you reach your monthly data limit. You can also set up an account at to help you keep track of your data usage.

What if I already have a phone?

You may use your phone; however, it needs to be unlocked in order for you to receive service from TELUS.

What if I don’t have a phone?

TELUS can provide smartphones to program participants who require a cell phone.

Do I get to choose any phone I want?

No. All those requiring a phone will be provided with a smartphone when signing up for the program, but participants are not able to choose a specific phone.

What if I do not have a worker, can I still apply?
  • You do not need to have a worker currently to apply, so long as you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If you do not currently have a worker, we will need a reference from your most recent worker, or confirmation from your child welfare agency that you were in care in Alberta. If you are submitting a letter from your worker or agency, it should be on agency letterhead and include your name, date of birth and your care status.
What if I no longer live in Alberta?

If you were in care in Alberta but have since moved to another province or territory you are still eligible to apply.

What if I turn 26 after I have applied to the program?

If you are 26 at the time of your application, you are still eligible to participate.

Can I apply if I’m under 18?

No, you must wait until you have turned 18 to apply to participate in the program.

Is there a deadline to use my verification code?

Yes. The verification code is valid for 4 months. Each individual can receive only one verification code during the lifetime of the program, so if you cannot use the verification code within 4 months of applying, please wait to apply. Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada cannot send you a replacement code if your code expires.

Can I transfer my verification code to anyone else?

No,verification codes are non-transferrable, and each code must be used by the individual assigned to it by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

What if I lose my verification code?

This is a one-time offer for each participant, and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada cannot provide you with a replacement code.

What if I have an outstanding balance with TELUS?

You may enroll if you have an outstanding balance with TELUS, but any balance for hardware purchases on your previous account will be transferred to your new account and must still be paid.

What if I have an existing contract with another cell phone provider?
  • You can wait until your contract expires with your current cell phone provider to apply to the program or;
  • You can pay the penalty fee for breaking your contract with your existing cell phone provider. Please verify any costs involved with your current cell phone provider prior to applying for this program.

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada offers a variety of supports for youth in and from care across the country. Find out more information about our free online financial literacy course here, and supports for post-secondary education here.

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