“Opportunities are especially important to us who have experienced trauma, (so) we can feel worth, happiness and (feel like we are) part of a community.”

Young Person in Care

Heroes of Hope, Monthly Giving

By becoming a monthly donor, you are investing in Canada’s most vulnerable kids and giving them a chance to build brighter futures.

Whether a young person in Canada’s child welfare system has been abused, neglected or encountered insurmountable poverty, they not only lose a stable home – but often their confidence and a belief in their own abilities.

You can give children and youth vital, ongoing support through enriching, educational, and preventative programs that will help them heal and develop into healthy adults.

Heroes of Hope Donation Strip
As a Hero of Hope you will receive:

1. An exclusive annual report showing how your support has made an impact

2. One tax receipt sent in January that includes your monthly donations made to the Foundation in the previous year

3. A special invitation to stewardship events

4. Priority access to volunteer opportunities such as our Holiday Season Celebration where you can witness first-hand the impact your donations are making

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For more information about Heroes of Hope, please contact Lara Fellman at 416-923-0924 x284 or lfellman@cafdn.org