Kids who have experienced abuse and neglect need your help to build a brighter future.

A monthly gift to Stand Up for Kids is a simple way you can join other Canadians to help address the complex issues facing kids growing up in the child welfare system. Your gift will help these children and youth overcome the barriers they face through no fault of their own. Because without support, their future is bleak: they have less than a 50 percent chance of graduating high school and a high risk of poverty, becoming homeless, experiencing mental health issues, and serious illness in adulthood.

But there’s hope. With your monthly donation, you’ll help remove the barriers that limit the potential of children who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and neglect.

You’ll help Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada reach over 19,300 vulnerable Canadian kids and 4,200 families annually with the opportunities they need to thrive: support for families to prevent their children from entering the system, access to the basic opportunities most kids take for granted, or help during the tough transition to adulthood. You can even choose to support an area that you care most about.

If you believe Canada’s kids who are most at risk deserve the same opportunities as other children, join us with a monthly donation to Stand Up for Kids today.


When you make a monthly donation to Stand Up for Kids, you can choose to support one of these areas:

We know that, most often, children do better when their families raise them, not the child welfare system. By supporting this area, you’ll be standing up for families at risk, and connecting them with the programs and resources they need to improve their lives and stay together.

In 2020-2021, Stand Up for Kids supporters helped to provide:

  • 5,191 kids with enriching opportunities they otherwise would be unable to access
  • 13,984 families with access to supports to strengthen their family and keep their kids at home

Unlike children growing up in permanent families, those growing up in care lack many of the basics most kids take for granted, like a safe and stable home, and caring adults to help support their growth. By supporting this area, you can help kids in care access opportunities they deserve, participate in sports and the arts, build a strong identity, achieve an education, and overcome the challenges they face.

In 2020-2021, Stand Up for Kids supporters helped to provide:

  • 5,896 kids in care with opportunities to become well-rounded and future-ready
  • 5,118 kids with supports to respond to their urgent health and well-being needs

When most kids turn 18, they’ve got the support of a caring parent, access to car keys, and a place to come home to. But when kids in care turn 18, they no longer receive support from the child welfare system and are completely on their own, at risk of homelessness and poverty. Your support of this area will help them beat the odds by providing them with the resources they need – housing supports, financial literacy and career counselling, and mentorship – so they can build a successful life for themselves.

In 2020-2021, Stand Up for Kids supporters helped to provide:

  • 11,469 youth transitioning into adulthood with opportunities to build stability and the foundation for successful, independent lives
  • 1,242 youth with supports to respond to their urgent physical and mental health needs


Every donation matters. Join us and help transform the lives of 22,000 children and youth in the most vulnerable situations.


When you support Stand Up for Kids, you’ll get so much more than you give.


As a Stand Up for Kids monthly donor, you’ll receive an annual report that will share how your contributions are making an impact on the lives of young people or families in the area of support you’ve selected. You’ll read compelling stories about how your gift is helping young people, hear more about the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada programs you are supporting, meet the people behind the scenes, and see the progress being made towards our goals.


You’ll feel great knowing that you’re making a difference together with other Canadians in the lives of young people and being part of the solution to a complex challenge facing Canadian society. You can read inspiring stories of how our monthly donors have helped make an impact here. And we’ll send you a special Stand Up for Kids pin so you can show your support and inspire others to get involved.