“Even though we’ve faced adversity in life…If you give us the opportunity to shine we can do quite amazing things.”

Gerald – CAF scholarship recipient

The Cause

A Message From Our President & CEO

Since 1979, the Children’s Aid Foundation has been making a difference in the lives of Canada’s most vulnerable children and youth by raising funds and supporting initiatives committed to giving them skills and hope for a promising future.

Every year, thanks to generosity of our corporate, family and individual donors, we partner with child welfare agencies across Canada to deliver programming that can have a transformational impact on children in care, or formerly in care of the child welfare system.

“Through no fault of their own, thousands of Canadian children face lives of poverty, neglect and abuse – unpromising conditions for a healthy, productive adolescence or adulthood. Helping to break this cycle – to prevent its recurrence – and to bring education and enrichment opportunities to these kids is what the Children’s Aid Foundation is all about.”

We focus our efforts on programming and supports which help the prevention of neglect and abuse, promote the education of children and youth, and provide enrichment opportunities these kids would otherwise not be exposed to.

Whether it’s in tutoring and scholarships, sports fees and lessons in the arts, or adoption counselling and establishing a first independent home – Children’s Aid Foundation programming helps every child to be a child, and encourages youth to pursue their interests and dreams.

As Canada’s leader in child welfare philanthropy, we work to build bridges from hopelessness to hope, from abandonment to empowerment so these young people can enjoy a rich life of education, family, health and success.

We would welcome your support.


Valerie McMurtry, CFRE
President & CEO

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