The Children’s Aid Foundation has entered a voting-based competition hosted by CST Inspired Minds Learning Project to win $20,000 toward Playing With Rainbows (PWR), a highly innovative Toronto-based program supporting children’s mental health. We need your help to earn votes!

Playing with Rainbows (PWR) supports the urgent mental health-related needs of traumatized children and their caregivers who have newly migrated to Canada from war torn countries. PWR is an early-intervention initiative for children aged five to 10 that uses play and art therapy in a group setting to help them express their complex emotions, heal, and build positive relationships with their peers and caregivers.


To support this idea there are 4 easy steps.

1) Click on this link:

2) You will then be asked to register

3) Once you have registered, you can vote for Playing with Rainbows

4) Please continue to vote EACH DAY until June 2nd. Every vote counts!



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