Written by Maya Ramchandani, CAF ambassador and former young person in care.

I’ve been counting down the days and I can see summer slowly slipping away; it’s bittersweet.

Bitter because I’ve been liberated from the demands of my courses for a few months. It’s been an efficient summer:  I’ve had the chance to save a few bucks from working like a dog and have invested time into maintaining and nurturing my relationships (which have suffered because of school!)

But the sweetness of school outweighs stressful responsibilities that follow. I like to think of education as a personal investment for a concrete life. How so? Well, an investment is when a short-term sacrifice is made for the purpose of rewards in the future. The purpose of studying is to be exclusively knowledgeable or skilled about a specific industry and then to subsequently obtain accreditation to validate your specialty.

The accreditation I acquire through school deems me eligible for certain careers that I otherwise may not be able to pursue — that is the definition of ‘the investment’ in my mind.

Where does the energy come from to pursue this investment? Well, it makes a concrete future a possibility in my life. Not all, but many Crown Wards can give anybody a word or two about what it is to live in the midst of instability and chaos. As young adults, we have a greater influence over the events of our lives. Pursuing an education is one way that we exercise that power.

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