Written by Jessica Burke-Trebell, a CAF ambassador and former young person in care.

Camp defined is a place with “temporary accommodations”. In reality, it’s so much more than that. It’s a life-changing experience where you reveal a new layer of yourself (obviously I’m biased. NOTE: not every camp will change your life.)

I think many people, (predominantly adults who never attended camp), don’t see the value in it. When I look back to my formative years, camps hold some one of my fondest memories.

This image is from a camp I attended when I was twelve.

This image is from a camp I attended when I was twelve.

I screamed and kicked and didn’t want to go. I mean, we had a trailer we went to in the summer, why did I need to go to camp?

I was quickly taught otherwise. I made new friendships and discovered more about myself in that week at camp than I ever did in any classroom or prior experiences. It was an overnight canoe trip camp, so it was my first time canoeing, portaging and being away from my family for a week. Although this picture is all I have to remember of the people that I met, my experiences were truly transformative.

To sum- up this post, regardless of the camp — whether it be a day camp, overnight camp, brownie camp or even one through school — camp has the power to positively transform a child’s life (and in my opinion adult camps/retreats are pretty amazing too!). I am and will always continue to be a camp enthusiast.

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