Written by Jessica Burke-Trebell, a Foundation ambassador and former young person in care.

I am so grateful to say that at 26 I truly know myself. I don’t think I am perfect or that I won’t continue to grow, but I have accepted my life as an ongoing journey, and in my eyes this is the first step towards “knowing thy self”.

As many days of the week as I can, I read positive devotionals and I extend my gratitude to God and the universe. Travelling has taught me that I am so small in contrast to all existence. I live knowing that I have a purpose much larger than merely existing.

I have passions that mean more to me than anything else. Education has become a part of me that I can never erase.

My enthusiasm for this radiates through me like a beam of light. I believe that ALL children deserve to receive a quality education.

Most importantly, I can be myself around others. I used to hide my exuberant nature in fear of what others thought. Now I know that nothing can hold me back and moments of fear are literally chunks of time that you will never ever get back. Life is beautiful and I want to live it with open arms.

I’ve also learned that the limelight is dangerous.We are all shining stars walking in our own paths. The most important lesson is that we need to appreciate each another and uplift one another. Seeking to be the centre of those around you is a quick way to lose yourself.

I believe in staying grounded and always, always growing. We are all meant to flourish and shine and the key to getting there is growth and understanding.

I am independent, undaunted, jovial, outgoing and my journey will never end.

I want to thank the Children’s Aid for believing in me and for being the fuel throughout my educational voyage.

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