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Last week, we met three members of our wonderful Suitcase Party Committee. This week we’re meeting two more. Don’t forget that all of our committee members will be attending the big night (happening tomorrow, in case you didn’t know). Make sure to stop and say hi!

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IMRAAN KHAN, President, Detonate Group

Why did you get involved with the Suitcase Party committee?
I became involved in the Suitcase Party committee because to me and in business it is all about giving back. I think regardless of whatever it is you do for work it’s important to take time out of your day to give back in one way shape or form. This was a unique way for me to grow brand recognition with my business and a chance to work with some new faces on one of Toronto’s newest events!

What are you most looking forward to at the SCP?
Well the simple answer to this is networking. I love the fact that we are going to have over 650 likeminded individuals in one space and it gives you a chance to chit chat with a ton of people you may have never had the chance to meet, let’s not forget about potentially winning a trip to Miami though!

What do you currently do?
I am the President of Detonate Group Inc a printing company located in Toronto providing all different types of print mediums for small and large organizations across the city. I started this business about 6 years ago and have changed the game in printing ever since. Starting small and staying small is what we are all about to ensure serviceability is one of our strongest traits. As long as I can wake up every day happy, I will continue doing what I’m doing.


Why is networking important for young professionals?
Networking is so important for young professionals in so many ways. Not only does it help your personal growth but networking with everyone in any type of environment can always lead to positive results. Take the Starbucks barista for example, I have numerous times met some of the most unique individuals in place like Starbucks. Everyone has a story to tell and when you give someone the chance to tell you that story you might just be a part of it down the road. Networking is the sole reason I started my business and until this day we have grown based on referrals only. Young professionals need to get out and network and never feel ashamed to meet someone new. Go get ’em!

What does “philanthropy” mean to you?
Let’s keep this one nice and simple. The meaning states it is the “ Love for Humanity” and I think that pretty much sums it all up.

Who is your favourite young leader?
I think I would pick Bre Pettis who just hit 40 not to long ago. The one guy who is changing the game when it comes to 3-D printing. If you haven’t come across a MakerBot or seen what it can do, please go on Netflix and watch a great documentary on 3D printing called “Print the Legend”. This guy revolutionized 3D printing by providing one of the first desktop type 3D printers to be sold and used within your office or home. It is a great story and an overall great guy.


Melinda Gordon-Edmonds_BWMELINDA GORDON-EDMONDS, Investment Representative, TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice

Why did you get involved with the Suitcase Party Committee?
I needed an outlet that exposed me to other young professional who were not necessarily in the exact field as I am to expand my circle of opportunities in this city to meet people and give back on an ambitious scale.


What are you most looking forward to at the SCP? 
Seeing everybody fun from my professional circle at the same place at the same time for an awesome social night that focuses on charity instead of business.

What do you currently do?
I work for TD Wealth.  My team focus on wealth management, doing everything from portfolio recommendations to ultra-high net worth estate planning. It’s a fulfilling and always interesting area to work in.

Why is networking important for young professionals?
You never know what life will throw at you but the more people you have on your radar to reach out to, the better positioned you will be to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves or land on your feet as needed.


What does “philanthropy” mean to you?
Believing in the need to give back and pay it forward because Karma will remember you and the ones you care for if you look after those that need to be cared for today.

Who is your favourite young leader?
Taylor Swift. She may not be the traditional business leader but her recent hit “Shake it off” holds just about all the life lessons you need to keep your head up and obtain success.

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