On a chilly April day, CAF took-over the stunning kilns at Evergreen Brick Works to film “Climbing Cranes”, a tribute video that will feature members of our Young People’s Advisory Council. Simply put: we CAN’T WAIT to share it. The first ever viewing will take place at our five14 Talks on Thursday, May 14, an event in celebration of Children and Youth in Care Day.

Check out some behind-the-scenes snaps from the day:


Tamia and Shameer (with director, Richard) shooting some B-roll.


Setting-up the shot.


Jemmy, patiently waiting to roll.


Two of our featured members: Jemmy and Cheyanne.


Lights, camera…


Works of art.


Catching some final shots of the day.

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The Children's Aid Foundation of Canada funds programs to help Canada's most vulnerable children and youth, those who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and neglect, overcome the obstacles in life that prevent them from reaching their full potential. We are committed to giving ongoing support to those who need it most.

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