Every child has the right to an education and the chance for a bright future, but for kids involved in child welfare, getting there isn’t easy. And yet, achieving an education can mean access to better jobs and the chance to break cycles of abuse, neglect, and poverty for themselves and future generations.

With the support of generous donors, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Stand Up for Kids Project is providing youth in and from care with funding to support them with the necessary resources to stay in school, and to give them recognition for doing exceptionally well in school given their extremely difficult personal circumstances. All of this is to encourage these young people to complete high school and pursue post-secondary education by providing tools and motivation for their success.

Meet ANN*.

She had been in and out of care throughout her teens, causing her to move and change schools multiple times. Because of these moves, she did not have consistent peer groups or caring adults in her life, which eventually contributed to a failed transition from elementary school into high school. Although strong in language arts, ANN struggled with math and was able to be provided with funding to receive tutoring to improve her skills.

Receiving support to stay in school was monumental for ANN, not only to help her transition into a traditional high school setting but also to improve her confidence. Since receiving this award, her mother has noticed a huge difference in ANN’s behaviour and confidence, and their relationship has become stronger because of that.

By removing barriers that not only affect the lives of youth, but also of the family as a whole, together with our generous donors, we are helping to strengthen families and give them the tools and support they need to stay together. Providing youth with the encouragement they need to finish their high school education relieves stress from family units, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their relationships.

The Stand Up for Kids Project continues to break the barriers to a brighter future and create new possibilities for children and youth at risk of entering, growing up in, and transitioning out of the child welfare system. Learn more about the Stand Up for Kids Project here.

*Name and visual identity have been protected.

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The Children's Aid Foundation of Canada funds programs to help Canada's most vulnerable children and youth, those who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and neglect, overcome the obstacles in life that prevent them from reaching their full potential. We are committed to giving ongoing support to those who need it most.

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