Unlike material items, your cash donation will provide year-round funding that will help Canadian children and youth.


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This season, help fulfill the year-round wish list of kids who need someone to believe in them. Instead of giving material goods, make a cash donation to provide support for needs like:

Counselling – to address devastating effects of past trauma

Education – to improve educational outcomes and help increase earning potential

Housing – to provide housing needs for youth “aging out” of care at 18

Enrichment Activities – to build self-identity, social well-being and healthy development

Your donation can change a future.

MY WISH LIST – by Jade, age 7

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• Joining a soccer league so I can be part of a team
• Going to camp and making new friends
• Prescription glasses so I can see the blackboard
• Therapy so I have someone I feel safe talking to
• Piano lessons because I love music

MY WISH LIST – by Luca, age 16

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• Tutoring that will help me get ready for university
• A mentor with lived experience for guidance
• Learn to budget so I can prepare to live by myself
• First and last month’s rent, so I have something to fall back on when I leave foster care

With your support, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada can ensure that all kids have the opportunity to thrive – regardless of their pasts.

Donate to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, as part of your holiday giving with your workplace, with your community group, or with your family.

We will also be accepting gift card donations which will be distributed to child welfare agency partners during the holiday season. They can be dropped off at our office, 25 Spadina Road, Toronto, from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and during specific extended holiday hours.


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Donating as a workplace or community group? Here’s a guide to get started.

For more information contact Jess Brayne at