The Teddy Bear Fund is providing critical supports to children, youth and families most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had disproportionate and wide-ranging impacts on the most vulnerable members of our communities – particularly children.  

For children already living in unstable home environments prior to the pandemic – for example, due to poverty or concerns related to mental health, addiction or domestic violence – COVID-19 has eroded family resilience and put them at increased risk of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Countless more have experienced family breakdown for the first time as a result of widespread job losses, growing food insecurity, increasing rates of domestic violence and the emergence of a mental health crisis spanning all age groups.

As we begin to look beyond the pandemic, it is clear that its effects will continue to be felt long after COVID-19 is no longer a daily threat.

The Teddy Bear Fund: Offering Hope and Stability

Each year, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Teddy Bear Fund grants $1.25 million to the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAS Toronto) and Native Child and Family Services of Toronto to enable the organizations to respond to the immediate and changing needs of youth and families in crisis.

In response to the complex impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable children and youth, the Teddy Bear Fund is pivoting to also provide critical supports to children and families most affected by the crisis.

In addition to various programmatic initiatives, funds raised through the Teddy Bear Fund COVID-19 Child & Family Support Appeal are being directed to needs such as:

• Securing basic necessities like housing, food and diapers.
• Providing direct financial assistance to caregivers so they can meet the immediate needs of children and youth.
• Allowing flexible funding to enable quick responses to new challenges as they arise for children, youth and families.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Teddy Bear Fund COVID-19 Child & Family Support Appeal. Your generosity will have a direct and immediate impact on the most vulnerable children and families in our city during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Teddy Bear Fund COVID-19 Child & Family Support Appeal helps with things like:

Flexible funding for front line social workers
baby needs like diapers and formula
Connecting vulnerable families with resources
more supports for vulnerable children, youth and families

Your support of the Teddy Bear Fund is transforming the lives of our community’s most vulnerable kids.

Thank you to our exceptional Teddy Bear Fund Founding Donors who have committed $100,000+ to the Teddy Bear Fund:

Anonymous (2)
Daniel & Kathryn Barclay
Eric Bélanger & Marie Claude Prud’homme
Lynn & Brent Belzberg
Bradley Black
Eric Blanchard & Olivia Holland
Sheila Block
Michael Bowick & Joanne Peters
Bill Butt & Susan Quigley
Judith & Marshall Cohen and Family
Tracy Cooper & John Friedrichsen
Maureen & Victor Dodig
The K. Michael Edwards Family
Lynn Factor & Sheldon Inwentash
Richard (Dick) & Darleen Falconer
Linda & Bob Goldberger
In Memory of Muriel L. Gorrie
Donald Guloien & Irene Boychuk
Pruyn & Kelly Haskins
Christina Kramer
Fred & Donna Leslie
Dougal & Barbara Macdonald
Vineet & Trish Malhotra
John & Gillian McArthur
Leigh Merlo & Bill Bamber
Rory & Julie Mitz
The Newlands Family Foundation
John & Michelle Ovens
The Pilosof Family and RP Investment Advisors
Grant & Mona Rasmussen
Adam & Allison Sinclair
In Memory of Pinkle Sturgeon

Cookie & Stephen Sandler
Frances Forrester

Eric Bélanger, Chair
Atif Ayub
Sean Gilbert
Vineet Malhotra
Grant Rasmussen

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