In grade 8 I began receiving ‘Stay in School’ awards through Scotiabank and CAF. All through high school they were a consistent reminder that someone out there was pulling for me – Kristy, Stay in School Award Recipient



The Stay in School Program


In 2005 Scotiabank launched the Stay in School Program.  As the primary funder, Scotiabank has contributed a total of $3.92M to help vulnerable kids across Canada move closer to achieving brighter futures by rewarding them for their dedication to succeeding in school.

The Stay in School program helps vulnerable children and youth accessing care from child welfare agencies to achieve academic success, graduate from high school and move towards post-secondary education through motivational and skill building support.

The program was founded on the basis that the majority of Canadian children in child welfare experience great difficulty in school compared to their peers. The varying issues they deal with are often exacerbated as they move through the school system, and supports are required to lead them on a path of achievement and success.

The Stay in School Award program recognizes elementary and high school students who are doing exceptionally well in school given their extremely difficult personal circumstances and encourages them to complete high school and pursue a post-secondary education by providing tools and motivation for their success. Awards are given for perseverance, attendance, improved grades and transitions from special education to general or advanced classes.

“I have two foster kids; one is 15 and is developmentally challenged, and the other is a 12-year-old, straight A student. These awards are definitely a very positive impact on these children who have come from difficult circumstances, and recognising their hard work and efforts does give them a big lift. The 12-year -old wishes to go to university. They were both pleased to get the awards. I feel that education is the key to success in life, and getting a good education and good job helps you to take control of your life – that’s what I always tell my children. These awards have a very positive impact on my kids wanting to continue their education.”- Foster parent, Toronto


From 2015-2016 thousands of students were recognized

Recognizing elementary and high school students who are excelling despite personal adversity while also encouraging post-secondary education

Recognizing at-risk and disadvantaged students for meeting their immediate educational goals by successfully graduating from Grade 8 or 12

Tutoring educationally at-risk kids reach their academic goals and learning potential

Research has shown that regular access to tutoring and special awards that celebrate kids’ accomplishments have a major impact on helping them focus in school, improve their grades and build their self-esteem.

Stay in School