$12.4 million raised, $9.9 million granted

19,340 children and youth reached
4,295 families reached
5,376 generous donors

President & CEO

The 2019-2020 fiscal year started with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada implementing our renewed priorities for the children, youth, and families we serve. Our new strategic plan, Strength to Change Lives, will reinforce these priorities over the next five years to help families access supports they need to be strengthened so kids can grow up at home instead of in government care, to help kids in care to thrive, and to ensure youth aging out of care have the chance to build stable, successful futures for themselves. We know we cannot do this work without the support of our incredible donor community or our partnerships with child- and youth-serving agencies across the country. We are deeply motivated to continue our work, strengthen these partnerships, and continue to create change for and with children, youth, and families involved in child welfare.

After surpassing our $60 million goal for our Stand Up for Kids national campaign for child welfare, we have set a new fundraising goal of $75 million. I’m pleased to share that in the past year we have already raised $14.2 million in cash and pledges, impacting the lives of over 19,300 children and youth, and 4,200 families nationwide.

As our year-end approached, the COVID-19 pandemic had begun to impact communities globally. Recognizing the significant impact on vulnerable populations, particularly families at risk and youth who have aged out of care, our team quickly pivoted, consulting with young people and agency partners to launch our COVID-19 Response Program to provide financial assistance to those in crisis. By reaching out to loyal donors and strengthening our government partnerships, we’ve been able to take action and continue to do so as the pandemic drags on.

Despite these troubling times, we are grateful for the collective humanity and generosity we have witnessed over the last few months. To our dedicated community of volunteers, donors, and staff, including our Young People’s Advisory Council, Board of Directors, corporate partners, foundations, and generous individuals, your support and partnership allows us to help create meaningful, lasting change and improve outcomes for those we serve, and for this we are eternally grateful.

Gordon Raman 2020GORDON RAMAN,
Chair of the Board of Directors

Over the last year, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada has experienced incredible growth, both in its national reach and in the generosity of our donors and allies who continuously make it possible for us to provide assistance for the populations we serve. I am thrilled to see the work of the Foundation strengthening families, supporting kids in care, and empowering youth transitioning out of care through the incredible programs and supports we enable.

In 2019-2020, I am proud to have been involved in a number of inspiring projects and achievements including the development of the Foundation’s new strategic plan, Strength to Change Lives, and growth in our fundraising effort that has already reached so many vulnerable young people and will continue to make an impact as it progresses over the next five years.

This year not only marks the end of my tenure as Board of Directors Chair, but also the end of term for some of our Board members. I would like to to send my gratitude to Lynn Factor, Brian Gluckstein, and Shannon McGinnis for the substantial contributions they have made during their time with the Foundation. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to lead a Board made up of individuals who not only hold shared values, but are passionate about creating change for those impacted by the child welfare system in Canada. I would also like to welcome Daniel Barclay as our incoming Chair. Daniel has served on the Board since 2018 and I know he is committed to elevating the work of the Foundation even further. With his leadership, this Board will continue standing up for Canada’s most vulnerable children and youth in innovative and life-changing ways.

Thank you to Valerie McMurtry and her team for excelling in their roles as change makers, driving positive impacts for vulnerable young people across Canada. I look forward to continuing my work with the Foundation in the role of Past-Chair.

Read about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our national public movement

Stand Up for Kids

Uniting Canadians against abuse and neglect

Stand Up for Kids is our national public movement uniting caring Canadians in changing the futures of our nation’s most vulnerable kids – those who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect. We know that by helping these young people to overcome their trauma and break the cycle for future generations, they gain the strength and resilience to create a lifetime of their own unstoppable successes.

More and more Canadians are getting involved in taking a stand for kids in and from child welfare in all sorts of ways, big and small and we invite you to do the same by signing our pledge at to demonstrate that you’re an ally to our country’s most vulnerable children and youth. We’re thankful for our allies helping to build momentum and create positive change for vulnerable children, youth, and families in our communities.


A few highlights from a long list of ways our allies across the country came together to Stand Up for Kids in 2019-2020: 

AMJ Campbell Branded Truck

National Moving Partner

AMJ Campbell is our Stand Up for Kids National Moving Partner, and as part of their $1M partnership is helping to drive our message across the country and raise awareness for our cause.

Irwin Elman, winner of the Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award 2019 

Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award

Irwin Elman was awarded the second annual Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award, contributing his grant to Feathers of Hope, Hairstory, and Ontario Child Advancement Coalition.


Brand awareness campaign

Brand Awareness Campaign

Our first-ever public brand awareness campaign “Impossible Choices” launched in Toronto.

133 participants

supported Stand Up for Kids in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

234 community fundraisers

stood up for kids by hosting their own events, cause marketing initiatives, and personal fundraising appeals.

The Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award

This award, named after Lynn Factor to highlight her contributions to Canada’s most vulnerable children and youth, launched in 2018 and is presented annually to an individual who is making a difference in the lives of children and youth in and from the child welfare system in Canada. The award winner is given the opportunity to direct a $50,000 grant and five finalists are each given the opportunity to direct a $5,000 grant to a child welfare, child rights, or child- or youth-serving agency in Canada.

This year, Irwin Elman, Former Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth 2008-2019, won the second annual Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award, directing his $50,000 grant equally to Feathers of Hope, Hairstory, and Ontario Child Advancement Coalition.

Women’s Trust Collective

In 2019, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, along with 18 other local not-for-profit organizations, joined the Toronto Foundation’s Women’s Trust Collective as an anchor partner. The Trust Collective is an innovative and collaborative program that brings women in philanthropy together to respond to the unique needs of the city’s most vulnerable women and children. We have been fortunate to have a passionate advocate in Rose McInerney who has joined the Trust Collective on behalf of the Foundation. Read more.

Standing Up for Kids in the Community

Camp Manitou
VISA Canada holds fundraisers
Workplace giving

Meet Camp Manitou

They hosted an event to raise funds to help kids in care attend summer camp. Read more.


Meet VISA Canada

They’ve been participating in Holiday Campaign fundraising for over 12 years. Read more.

Learn about workplace giving

Here’s a great way to bring those in your workplace together to truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable Canadian children, youth, and families. Read more.


Meet ECHOage hero, Nevo

Nevo decided that instead of getting lots of toys he may not need for his birthday, he wanted to help help improve the lives of children and youth growing up in care. Read more.


Learn more about the impact we are making together


1,837 families were strengthened to keep kids at home

In 2019-2020, we collaborated with 14 partners to support to 3,658 kids and 1,837 families across Canada. Through programs and resources focused on preventing children and youth from entering and growing up in care, they are being helped to overcome barriers like poverty, mental health challenges, domestic violence, and substance abuse that put them at risk.

Journey to Zero


In November 2019, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and Children’s Aid Society of Toronto launched The Journey to Zero Program with support from the Child Welfare Institute, Balsam Foundation, McConnell Foundation, Louisa Huband and Craig Moffat, the McLean Foundation, Echo Foundation, and the Ontario government.

This innovative, three-year program is testing promising practices that offer timely, customized supports to strengthen families and reduce the number of kids entering and growing up in care. Early evidence is showing fewer kids entering care, kids returning to their families faster, and improved public perceptions of child welfare services.

In 2019-2020, 185 children from 146 families participated in the program. Read more.

Here are some other ways we are helping to strengthen families at risk.

Kinship care

KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER through kinship care. Learn more.

Prevention in BC

Focusing on PREVENTING KIDS FROM ENTERING CARE in British Columbia. Learn more.



9,658 kids received supports to help them thrive

In 2019-2020, we collaborated with 44 partners to provide 9,658 kids with enrichment and education opportunities that enabled them to access sports, tutoring and other educational supports, art lessons, camp, and more to help them build confidence and motivation, connect with other young people, explore their interests, and help achieve academic success.

Tutoring and Mentoring Support

PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Project

The HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Project provides vulnerable young people with intensive educational supports at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels to help them focus on their studies, achieve their academic goals, and pursue a future of stability, opportunity, and success.

Since 2015, over 4,000 youth in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec have been supported in achieving these goals through access to tutoring, vocational assessments, career counselling, courses and apprenticeships, post-secondary application fees, high school upgrading, and more. Read more.

Here are some other ways we are helping to support kids in care.

Back to the Land

HELPING INDIGENOUS CHILDREN AND YOUTH connect with their heritage.
Learn more.

Health and Well-Being

Learn more.


Providing children and youth with access to LIFE-CHANGING ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES. 
Learn more.


Youth transitioning out of care

6,024 youth were supported to reduce barriers to successful futures

In 2019-2020, we collaborated with 37 agency partners to provide 6,024 youth with access to the resources and supports necessary to help them achieve their education and employment goals.


SARAH, Connections Program participant and former youth in care


We know that young people who are exposed to abuse and neglect are almost four times more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in adulthood than their peers, and many face barriers to accessing support. The lingering impact of their childhood trauma can threaten their abilities to succeed in their adult lives, which is why we launched the Connections Program, our youth-in-transition mental health hub in Toronto in response to the persistent mental health needs of youth in and from care.

Delivered in partnership with Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, the program is funded by the program’s founding donor, the we know foundation, and supported by Medavie, HBC Foundation, Canada Post Community Foundation, and Echo Foundation. In 2019-2020, 191 young people in Toronto were able to meet with a Connections mental health navigator who conducts a wellness assessment and creates a customized plan to help remove barriers and help the youth get the support they need. Read more.

Post Secondary Education

Donor Noella Milne, with scholarship recipient JEFFERY and guest

PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Post-Secondary Education Program

Many youth in and from child welfare face multiple barriers as they work to achieve an education. Data shows that only 46% of kids in care in Ontario graduate from high school, and among those who do graduate, enrolment in post-secondary education is 66% less than that of the general population.

Thanks to the long-standing and growing support of our donor community, over the last 25 years, our Post Secondary Education (PSE) Program has been expanding to help youth break down barriers to receiving a higher education by providing them with the resources they need to thrive. With the help of 124 donors, in 2019-2020 we were able to award a record number of 257 scholarships, 91 bursaries, and 87 graduation awardsRead more.

Here are some other ways we are helping to empower youth in transition.

TELUS Mobility for Good

HELPING YOUTH STAY CONNECTED with loved ones and supports. Learn more. (SUZIE, former youth in care)

Youth Works

IMPROVING EMPLOYMENT OUTCOMES for youth who have aged out of care.
Learn more.

The Slaight Family Foundation Right at Home Program

PREVENTING YOUTH HOMELESSNESS with The Slaight Family Foundation Right at Home Program.
Learn more.

HBC Youth Mental Health Fund

SUPPORTING CRITICAL MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS of children and youth in care.
Learn more.

Cooking Toward Independence

Teaching youth the skills they need to BUILD HEALTHY EATING HABITS.
Learn more.

Discover our 2019-2020 partners



Meet a few of our beneficiaries

Profile of Suzie


SUZIE, 22, has received Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarships to pursue a degree of a double major in English and history. She is a recipient of the TELUS Mobility for Good™ Program, which helps her manage financial stress and allows her to focus on school. She is an active Youth Ambassador with the Foundation and hopes to one day teach English abroad and write a book to tell her own story and help others tell theirs. Read her story.


Entering foster care at the age of 14 due to abuse at home, IAN, 27 avoided a life of crime, worked hard to build his education and career, and is a youth ambassador with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. He is a recipient of scholarship and grant funding, the HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Program, and the Friends and Loved Ones Fund, participated in the RBC Career Launch Program, and now works full-time as a subcontractor for CAA. IAN looks forward to a future using his knowledge and experience to do what makes him happiest: helping others. Read his story.

Profile of Ian
Profile of Kahleen


KAHLEEN, 23, is a recipient of Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarship and grant funding, which has allowed her to pursue her post-secondary goals. She has also attended camp, the Corsage Project, and various programs that have allowed her to connect to her culture, including cooking classes and a Soul Journey trip. She is currently enrolled at McMaster University studying Health and Society and Aging and Society. She wants to work in long-term care, helping elderly individuals and making a difference in her community. Read her story.


Each year, we are thrilled to be able to come together with our community of allies at a number of the Foundation’s signature events as well as through events held by our dedicated donors and partners. Here’s a look at some of this year’s events:

Joe Carter Classic 2019

JUNE 2019

Joe Carter Classic

Celebrating a decade of standing up for kids at the Joe Carter Classic, baseball legend Joe Carter and other sports greats hit the links to raise funds for the Joe Carter Family Support Fund and Joe Carter Scholarships. 2019 scholarship winners CHRIS, JEAN-LUC, and MERCY were honoured at the event for their academic accomplishments.
Read more.

Stand Up for Kids Nights 2019


Stand Up for Kids Night

Presented by CIBC, this event celebrated youths’ educational achievements and recognized Canadians dedicated to supporting young people in and from care with the second annual Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award (KEYANNA and TAMIEKA). Read more.

Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Charity Challege


Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is proud to have once again participated as an official charity partner in this year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon’s Charity Challenge, with a record 133 participants raising a total of $41,000 for Stand Up for Kids. Read more.

CIBC Swap for a Cause


CIBC Swap for a Cause

Stand Up for Kids Lead Community Partner CIBC employees hosted its 8th annual networking event and live charity auction in support of our Teddy Bear Fund (Daniel Nahmias, Eric Bélanger, ANNA, Valerie McMurtry) Read more.

Foundation Gala – Teddy Bear Affair 2019


Foundation Gala – Teddy Bear Affair

Our 33rd annual event raised $1.8M and was hosted by honorary co-chairs Dave and Karen McKay, in partnership with RBC (Gordon Raman, Valerie McMurtry, ERINE, Karen and Dave McKay) Read more.


Holiday Season Celebration 2019


Holiday Season Campaign and Celebration

Our Holiday Season Campaign serves to help all children experience the joy, belonging, and celebration of the holidays. Celebrating it’s 40th year, the Holiday Season Celebration provides young people and their families with the opportunity to come together for a day of seasonal fun. Read more.

Each year, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Teddy Bear Fund – with the support of our incredible donor community – grants $1.25 million to the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAS Toronto), North America’s largest board-governed child welfare agency, and Native Child and Family Services of Toronto to enable the organizations to respond to the immediate and changing needs of youth and families in crisis.

Supporting programs and services not covered by the government’s basic operational support, the Teddy Bear Fund helps frontline workers strengthen families in the community, support the needs of kids in care, and empower youth transitioning out of care.

This fund strategically supports the urgent and critical needs of Toronto’s most vulnerable kids through programs such as specialized mental health supports in a family home, resources to help youth as they “age out” of care, or a father gaining access to the tools he needs to better parent his child. Without these essential supports, the children and youth served are significantly more likely than their peers to drop out of school, face incarceration, experience mental health issues, suffer from addictions or find themselves homeless.

Since the inception of the fund in 2016, we are grateful to our donor community for raising almost $6 Million in cash and pledge commitments (includes cash and endowment fund contributions) to meet the annual grant in support of the Teddy Bear Fund.

In 2019-20 $1,250,000 was granted through the Teddy Bear Fund to support 4,704 children and youth, and 4,205 families in Toronto.

To read the 2019-2020 Teddy Bear Fund Impact Report, click here.

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