What we offer

Most of our supports are offered through one of the 74 partner agencies and programs we fund across Canada serving young people ages 0-29. This can include things like transitional housing, cultural programming, and household supplies. We offer several supports directly to youth ages 18 up to their 30th birthday.

Programs run by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Programs run by our network of partners

We fund a number of diverse supports through our partners in communities across Canada that may be helpful. Please connect with these organizations directly to learn more.

Youth in the Greater Toronto Area ages 15-29 are welcome to access this resource centre for youth transitioning out of care, located in a friendly house setting, with workers and youth leaders ready to help you pursue your goals. These could include: life skills training, jobs, education, housing, mental health, leadership roles and more. We offer several funds available exclusively through PARC, including crisis, mental health, and household items funding. Please contact PARC directly to learn about these funds here.

Partnerships are essential for the work of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please send us an email and we will send you our Request for Partnership form. The Request for Partnership helps us to learn about new opportunities to partner with child welfare organizations and other organizations that serve child and youth involved with the child welfare system. Please contact Rebecca Green, Director of Grants and Programs at