Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada works with 74 child- and youth-serving agencies in nearly every province and territory across the country.


Our partners and grantees help us to make a positive impact in the lives of children, youth, and their families involved in the child welfare system.

  • Our relationship with our founding partner, the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, enables us to operate as a Foundation.
  • We rely on partners and grantees to use our granted funds to benefit children and youth.
  • Our partners and grantees within the child welfare sector connect us to the cause and help us to learn about the needs of children and youth.
  • By putting donor dollars to work and reporting on impact, partners and grantees are instrumental in helping the Foundation secure additional funds to increase our reach to help more children and youth.
  • Partners and grantees ensure that we reach children and youth across the country.
  • We work with partners to co-design impactful programs to benefit children, youth, and families.

Every relationship is unique and we look forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate with organizations that align with our work.

We created the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada COVID-19 Response Program to help vulnerable children and families being served by child welfare organizations and youth who have transitioned out of the child welfare system to address financial and other needs they are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


See below for our partners in the COVID-19 Response Program.


COVID-19 Child & Family Support Fund Partners

COVID-19 Support Fund for Former Youth in Care Partners

Partners are organizations that the Foundation is working with or funding through a CAFC Flagship Initiative or on a Co-Design initiative.

Grantees are organizations receiving funds from the Foundation outside of Flagship Initiatives to help children, youth and families.

If you are interested in receiving Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada funds to benefit children, youth and families, please fill out the following request for funding consideration form so that we can learn about your organization and the children and youth you serve and explore potential opportunities.

How can my organization work with Children's Aid Foundation of Canada?

If you are interested in becoming a working with us, please fill out a request for funding consideration form so that we can learn about your organization and the children and youth you serve who are involved in the child welfare system, and explore potential partnership opportunities.

How can I know if my initiative would be of interest to Children's Aid Foundation of Canada?

Will the initiative benefit children, youth, or families involved with child welfare in Canada? Is your initiative evidence-based, evidence-informed or looking to build evidence? Does the initiative fit within one of Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s intended impact areas (strengthening families and reducing the number of children in care for families at risk, improving educational outcomes for children and youth in care or improving educational and employment outcomes for youth in transition)? If you answered YES to these questions, then we’d be interested in learning more about your work. Please fill out a request for funding consideration form.

How can I apply for funding?

The Foundation may post applications for funding or seek funding partners periodically as funding allows and as opportunities arise. To be considered for funding or to be included in communication about funding opportunities, please fill out a request for funding consideration form so that CAFC can know more about your organization, who you serve, and the types of funding in which your organization is interested.

Do you fund outside of Canada?

No. Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada only supports organizations working in Canada.

Are funds available nationally?

As a national organization, we are interested in supporting organizations in all provinces and territories. As there are few organizations working at a national level to serve children, youth, and families involved in the child welfare system, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada distributes national program funds to organizations with a local, regional or provincial focus.

What ages of children do you support?

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is interested in helping children and youth aged 0-29. Funding available for organizations to use to help children and youth may be restricted to certain age groups.


We work with local, regional, and national organizations that serve children, youth, and families involved in Canada’s child welfare system, or that are connected to this population in other ways, and that have innovative, evidence-based program outcomes. Our funding relationships with partners and grantees must advance at least one of our intended impacts for the population groups we serve.

To receive funds as a partner, an organization must be a qualified donee or connected with an organization that is a qualified donee that could act as a trustee.