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We offer a variety of educational supports to youth from care to help you make your educational dreams a reality. Check out all of the opportunities below.

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2022-23 Foundation Scholarship now open!

Scholarships are awarded once a year through a competitive process and decisions are made by Children Aid Foundation of Canada’s Scholarship Award Council. Scholarships for the 2022-23 school year ranged from $2,500 to $5,000. 

For more information on eligibility scroll down.

Online scholarship application forms are due before 5:00 pm on Monday, February 14th, 2022, and transcripts and worker references (if required) are due no later than 5:00 pm, Wednesday February 23rd, 2022.

To apply for a scholarship, students must submit the following documents:

  1. Online scholarship application
  2. Your latest academic (unofficial or official) transcript
  3. Online Child protection worker reference (if this is your first application or if you have not been granted a Foundation scholarship or bursary in the past)

*Incomplete applications will not be considered*

If this is your first application, or have not been granted a Foundation Scholarship or bursary in the past, a reference from your worker is required. Please forward these instructions to your worker.

Need Help? Step-by-step Application Guide.

Most Asked Questions

Scholarship Most Asked Questions

1. I received a scholarship last year. Do I need to reapply?
Yes! Every applicant must submit a new application every year. You will need to submit a new application before the application deadline of Monday, February 14th, 2022.

2. I’m not sure if I’ll be attending school next year. Should I apply?
Yes! If there is any possibility – APPLY! – If you don’t end up going to school, it will not impact your chances or receiving an award in the future, you only need to let us know. The Foundation knows it’s very early in the year and you may still be making plans and or haven’t applied to schools yet. That’s okay! Fill in the application as best you can about the schools you have or will be applying to. We will be contacting you later in the spring for an update.

3. My marks are not very high, is it worth my while applying?
Yes! Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarships are based on a combination of academic achievement, financial need, individual attributes, personal contribution and potential for success in your chosen field. Your best bet is to answer the questions as completely and thoughtfully as possible so that the Award Council can make an informed decision.

4. What is an academic transcript and where can I get one?
A transcript is a record of your entire academic history in any one school – all of the classes and the grades you received, organized for each year, in one document. It is different from a report card, which only shows the classes and grades from your current year.

  • If you have just graduated high school, or will be in the spring, contact your school’s office, or speak to a teacher or guidance counsellor.
  • If you’re already in college or university, you can either submit an unofficial transcript found through your school’s online student portal (recommended, and free) or you can order an official transcript from your school’s registrar’s office or online student portal.

5. If I send my transcript now, it won’t show my final marks for this semester. Should I wait to order it?
No! The Award Committee cannot review an application that does not include a recent transcript. Your application will be assessed using your marks to date. If the Foundation doesn’t receive a transcript by the document deadline on Wednesday February 23rd, 2022, your application will not be considered. Any student who submits a complete application before the deadline may also provide their updated final marks at the end of the semester if they wish.

6. I was awarded a scholarship last year, but didn’t attend school. Do I need to reapply?
Yes! We ask all students to reapply each year. If you received a notification that you were awarded a scholarship last year, but then did not attend school, your award would have been reallocated to another student.

7. Is this money the same as provincial student loans?
No! The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is an independent, non-governmental organization that raises funds from individuals, corporations and other foundations. If you receive a scholarship or bursary from the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, you will not be required to pay it back. The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is run by the provincial government, and you will be required to pay back at least some of this funding. Other provincial governments have comparable programs. To access this funding, you will need to apply through the website of your provincial government, or through the Financial Aid office at your school.

8. What’s a recognized post-secondary institution?
In order to receive a Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarship, you must be attending a post-secondary school that has been recognized and authorized by the provincial or territorial government. This includes public universities and colleges, and some registered private career colleges. If you are unsure of whether your program will qualify, contact the Foundation at

9. I was a ward of an agency outside of Toronto. Can I apply for a Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarship?
Yes! The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada accepts applications from across Canada from applicants meeting the eligibility criteria. If you are receiving or have applied for other awards, please make note of this on your Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada scholarship application.

10. I’m no longer in touch with my most recent social worker. Is a reference necessary?
If you don’t have a worker, or a relationship with anyone at your child welfare agency who can fill out a reference for you, don’t worry. There is an alternative. Contact for instructions.

11. I am unable to submit my application, what should I do?
The most common reason is that you have not filled in all required fields. Please check through your application to make sure you have completed all of the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). If you are still having difficulty, please send a detailed e-mail to including a detailed description of your problem and the error message you are receiving, and we will respond when possible.

12. How are the applications scored, and who scores them?
Scholarship applications are reviewed by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada staff to ensure that applicants meet the eligibility criteria, but the applications are scored by our Scholarship Award Council. This Award Council is made up of 10-12 friends of the Foundation, including Board members, alumni of the scholarship program, a foster parent representative, and community members. Scholarship applications are scored on Individual Attributes (eg. personal and academic challenges and progress), Academic Achievement (eg. high grades and/or significant gains despite individual limitations), Personal Contribution (eg. strengths and coping skills demonstrated in personal life and commitments outside of school), Potential for Success (eg. whether goals are clear and realistic) and Financial Need.

13. When will I hear the results of my application?
Awards are announced in July. Before the awards are finalized, the Foundation will contact you to confirm that you are still planning on attending school in the fall, so please let us know if your e-mail address changes. If we cannot get in touch with you, your award may be reallocated to another student.

14. I have not heard the results of my application and my school is requesting payment of fees. What should I do?
Foundation funds are to assist with the cost of your post-secondary education, but even the largest award will likely not cover your full expenses. If you do not have the funds available to pay your tuition you need to apply for your provincial student assistance program (eg. Ontario Student Assistance Program). Once you have been approved for Student Assistance, your school will allow you to pay a small deferral fee until your loan comes through. If you have been approved for an award, the Foundation may be able to advance up to $500 for this purpose if you provide documentation. It can take up to 20 business days for the Foundation to process requests for payment, so please contact us well in advance if you need to make special arrangements.

15. Will the Foundation provide money for college or university application fees?
The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada usually provides funds only once students are enrolled in school. Crown Wards in Ontario may be eligible for the Ontario Crown Ward Postsecondary Application Fee Reimbursement Program.

16. If I’m granted a scholarship or bursary when will I receive payment?
If you are selected to receive a scholarship, the Foundation will send you a letter of agreement that indicates when your payments will be issued and which documents you’ll need to submit in order to receive them. The Foundation will provide your scholarship in two payments:

The first payment will be made around the beginning of your first semester (September, or January depending on which semester you will be starting), after you submit your signed letter of agreement, your proof of registration in first semester (eg. your timetable or tuition deposit receipt), and a thank you letter to your donor. The second payment will be made around the beginning of your second semester (usually early January), after you submit your online progress report and your proof of registration in second semester (eg. your timetable or tuition deposit receipt).

17. Can I receive a bursary and a scholarship at the same time?
No! An applicant can only receive one of either a scholarship or a bursary during any academic year. The maximum bursary or scholarship funding that any one applicant can receive during the academic year is $5000.


To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must be:

  • A current permanent ward, or have been a permanent ward for at least one year, or be eligible for Continued Care and Support for Youth
  • Under 26 years of age at the start of their current school program, or under 30 years of age if they have received scholarship or bursary funding from the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada for the same program in previous years
  • Registered at or planning to attend school either full time, or on a reduced schedule due to an accommodation, for a full academic year at an accredited post-secondary school

For any additional information contact Amanda Ball at

If you would like to continue working on a saved application please click below

Tips for Writing a Successful Application

The Foundation Scholarship is a competitive process, which means not every application will be awarded a scholarship. Full instructions are found in the Application Guide, but keep these tips in mind when filling out your forms;

  • Apply early and take your time! Save your online application and come back to it as many times as you like before submitting it. Applications that are thoughtful, complete and well written generally receive higher scores than applications that leave out capital letters, have spelling mistakes and one-word answers.
  • Tell us about yourself and share your successes! Though it can be difficult to write about yourself, this is your chance to celebrate your successes with the Award Counsel and explain why you deserve an award.
  • When in doubt apply! Undecided if you’ll be going to school in fall 2022? If there is a possibility – APPLY! – If you don’t end up going to school, it will not impact your chances of receiving an award in the future, and if you do end up going to school you’ll already be in the running for an award.
  • Ask for help. If you’re having difficulty with the online form, or have question about what you should write and what you need to include, be in touch with your Worker or Foundation staff for help.


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2021 Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund  – Applications are now closed

For Canadian youth with government care experience starting their first post-secondary program

The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund (TRSF) aims to provide access to post-secondary education and reward youth who demonstrate community leadership. The TRSF is now open for its fifth year to 150 young people through 17 national partner organizations, including 22 students through Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada! Those eligible to apply through the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s application stream must have spent time in government care.

Nomination Deadline: February 26th, 2021 at 5:00 pm (EST)

Prince - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Aliyah - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Rai - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Brandon - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Details + Eligibility

  • $2500 annually towards tuition for any Canadian full-time, 2-4 year post-secondary program or certificate at a college, university, or trade school (funds will be transferred directly to the school)
  • Student must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll in their first post-secondary program (academic, technical or vocational), at a recognized public post-secondary institution or a registered private post-secondary institution starting in Fall or Winter semesters 
  • Student must be 24 or under and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Student must have, to-date, experienced a minimum, cumulative total of 12 months in provincial government care before age 18 (including: permanent or continuing care/crown ward, temporary care, voluntary care, customary care, kith/kin or extended family placements, youth agreement/independent living, custody centres)
  • Student must demonstrate financial need and contributions to the community
  • Can be used in addition to any other funding sources (loans, scholarships/bursaries, tuition waivers) including the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s flagship scholarship program
  • Guaranteed renewal for length of program (2-4 year programs) totaling up to $10,000
  • Guaranteed Rogers job interviews for retail, call centre and intern positions if student applies
  • Nomination Deadline: Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 5:00 pm (EST)


Step 1:  Complete the Foundation Nomination Form by February, 26th, 2020 at 5:00 PM (EST).
Step 2:  If selected, students will be notified by March 5th, 2021 with further instructions.

Irene - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Carlo - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Rae-Lynn - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Brody - Ted Rogers Scholarship

2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Application Criteria

Recipients will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Application and both supporting documents submitted on time
    • Confirmation of Care form*
    •  Proof of enrolment** Required for Step 2 only
  • Quality of application; the more detail you can provide within the word count, the better
  • Quality and quantity of community leadership (i.e. volunteering, working for a community organization, community activism/advocacy, sports, arts, clubs etc.)
  • Demonstrated financial need (you have necessary expenses that are not already fully covered, like tuition, books/supplies, rent, furniture, transit, food, health care including uncovered services)
  • Proof of enrolment only. Grades are not a factor. This scholarship is not about academic achievement, but about supporting the leaders we need in our communities to pursue their goals!

*If you are not in touch with your social worker, please try the office where they worked for a confirmation letter. If you are having any issues getting a confirmation letter from a social worker, please be in touch with us before the deadline and we can help you find someone who can confirm your time in care — please don’t let it discourage you from applying!

**A screen shot of an email from the school confirming that they have received your application is acceptable if you have yet to be accepted or enrolled

Best of luck to all applicants!

If you’re applying for a post-graduate program the Foundation can help with your application fees. Click here for more information on eligibility and to access the application.

If you’re thinking of applying to college or university and would like to visit a campus, please contact Asifa Malik at

Bursary Awards are available to full and part-time post-secondary students who meet the eligibility criteria, throughout the school year. Bursary awards are for a maximum of $2000 for full time students and up to $200/course for part time students.

Click here for more information on eligibility.

The Bursary program is open for applications for the 2021-22 academic year.

If you have any questions about eligibility or to be notified if it opens for the summer semester, please contact Amanda Ball.

If you are under 30 and have graduated from a post-secondary program that you received a Foundation Bursary or Scholarship in support of that program, you are eligible to apply for the Graduation Award.

The award will be paid in two halves, 90% will be paid in a first installment at the time of Stand Up for Kids Night in September and the remaining 10% six months later on the completion of a follow up survey.

If you have any questions about eligibility or making an application, please contact Amanda Ball.

If you’re upgrading any of your high school courses so that you can meet the entrance criteria at a post-secondary school then we can help with funding support. Click here for more information on eligibility and to access the application.

If you’re enrolled at college or university and would like the support of a tutor the Foundation can help. Click here for more information on eligibility and to access the application.

If you’re not sure what type of career you would enjoy and what you may be good at then the Foundation can help with funding for vocational and psycho-educational assessments. Click here for more information on eligibility and to access the application.

If you would like to complete a course that isn’t being offered by a post-secondary school but will have a positive impact on your career, or is required to get a job, the Foundation can help. Click here for more information on eligibility and to access the application.