LEAD SPONSORS: RBC Future Launch and funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy Program

Youth Works is a pre-employment development program that aims to help youth in and from care in their transition to independence.

When youth “age out” of the child welfare system, it can be a stressful and disorienting time. They lose access to all supports, including a social worker and other resources. Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is committed to helping to ensure that youth transitioning from child welfare across Canada into an independent life have improved access to post-secondary education and to setting them on the course for finding and maintaining meaningful employment. In partnership with six child- and youth-serving partners, we are implementing the Youth Works program in Richmond, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Brandon, Manitoba; Toronto, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; and Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  1. Employability Skills: Employment counselors will work with youth participants to prepare them for their employment path (preparing resumes, completing job applications, etc.)
  2. Internships and Job Placements: Youth who are job-ready will receive support with job searching and be referred to employers for meaningful work experience
  3. Employment Training Supports: Youth who need credentials or training for entry-level jobs such as first aid and CPR, food handler’s certification, or a driver’s license to accept a job will be supported in accessing them
  • Employability Skills – We will work with you individually or in groups to improve your employment-readiness skills, and can help you access career development and networking opportunities
  • Internships and Job Placements – When you’re job-ready, we can help find employers who are looking for your skills
  • Employment Training Supports – We can provide help accessing hands-on training and certification you need for your first job (eg. first aid and CPR, food handler’s certification, Smart Serve, etc)


  • Youth in and from permanent care aged 16-29
  • Various education achieved – some high school, GED, high school diploma, some post-secondary school, post-secondary degree or diploma
  • Ready for employment – criteria may include: being motivated to find and keep a job, having stable housing, mental health issues being treated, and willingness and commitment to follow through with training and job placement


Interested in participating?

In Calgary, contact Laura Schoenberg – or Kristin

In Toronto/GTA, contact Asifa Malik

In Ottawa, contact Mitra

In Richmond/Vancouver, contact Michelle Zhou or Ning

In Brandon, contact Nicole Funk –

In Fredericton or Saint John, contact Sue