Hundreds of thousands of kids in Canada are at risk of abuse and neglect.

Right now, there are approximately 63,000 Canadian children living in permanent care with foster families, extended family, or in group homes. Across the country, 235,000 children and youth have been identified as having experienced or being at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect. Sadly, this number is likely much higher as this only reflects the cases reported.

The reasons why children come into care are complex but are never a child’s fault. They can include poverty, addiction, mental health challenges, isolation and lack of a parenting support network, and the legacy of intergenerational trauma.

These kids need our help, because without support, they face incredible barriers to a brighter future. Less than 50% of youth in and from care graduate from high school and youth from care are 200 times more likely than their peers to experience homelessness. Additionally, 82% of kids in care are diagnosed with special needs and nearly all kids in and from care have experienced childhood trauma.


Average number of foster home transitions for children in care


of children and youth in care have been diagnosed with special needs


Canadian children living in permanent care